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  • Shade Cloth

    TA Distributors Pty Ltd provides an extensive range of high quality shade cloth to the industrial, agricultural, horticultural and scaffolding sectors. Our shade cloth has a long and proven record in the Australian market. It has a 10 year gurantee against U.V. damage, - the range has 6% U.V. stabilisation included in its construction and is made from high density polyethylene yarn and tape. We have a full range of technical information available.

    Our standard range is outlined below.

          Roll size
    1.83m x 50m, 3.66m x 50m
    1.83m x 50m, 3.66m x 50m
    1.83m x 50m, 3.66m x 50m

    Shade Cloth listed is from our standard range, other non standard sizes and colors may be available ex-stock. We are able to source special colors subject to minimum quantities.

    Scaffold Mesh
    1.8mx 50m eyeleted top and bottom 80gsm
    Available in Green, Black, Blue and White
    Woven knit
    Approximately 35% Cover Factor


    Wind Break
    1.8m x 50m eyeleted top and bottom 110gsm
    Colors Available
    Black and Green
    Box Knit for strength whilst allowing wind to escape
    Approximately 45% cover Factor


    50% Shade Cloth
    Monofilament yarn box knit construction with a 10 year protection against UV damage( excluding color fading)
    1.8m x 50m or 3.66m x 50m 150gsm
    Colors Available
    Green, black, Blue, Beige and White


    70% Shade Cloth
    Monofilament yarn woven knit reinforced construction with a 10 year protection against UV damage (excluding color fading) 1.8m x 50m or 3.66m x 50m 170gsm
    Colors Available
    Black, Green, Blue, Beige, Red, Navy, Terracotta and White


    90% Shade Cloth
    Monofilament yarn and tape knit construction with 10 year protection against UV damage (excluding color fading)
    1.8m x 50m or 3.66m x 50m 190gsm
    Colors Available
    Black, Green, Beige, Terracotta and White


    Bird Net
    Hole size 15mm x 15mm weight 30gsm
    Sizes 10m x 100m Bale and 5m x 100m Roll
    Available in White or Black

    Other sizes and colours are available but may be subject to lead times and minimum quantities.

  • Printed Shade Cloth

    Put your Company Logo on Shade Cloth or Banner Mesh for Maximum exposure.
    Available in Digital or Screen print on a variety of colors.

  • Polystick

    TA Distributors  launched our Polystick Floor Protection range on the Australian market and we have been very pleased with the results. Polistick is a Polyethylene film which is coated with a pressure sensitive contact adhesive that is designed to give total protection to any carpeted area. The adhesive aids in the total overall appeal of the product- particularly to  home owners. The rolls are reversed wound with a protective film on the outside so it can be stored without being damaged. The laying process can be done without a machine or any tapes to make it easy to lay.

    Our standard range is outlined below.

    Polystick 1000
    Polystick 500
    Polystick 1/100L
          Roll Size
    1m x 100m
    500mm x 100m
    1m x 100m Hard Floor Protection

    Polystick Carpet Protection 1m x 100m clear 90 micron
    A tough Polythene film specially designed for carpet protection during various types of work like office refurbishment, home renovations, painting etc.
    Specially designed acrylic adhesive formula adheres to most types of carpet.
    Reverse wound for easy and quick application Designed for CARPET ONLY


    MSDS [ available for polywoven, poly light and poly stick ]

    We  will cut to size customer requirements  for this product.It is a service that is very popular with our customers.
  • Polystick Light

    Polystick Light 1m x 100m clear 60 micron
    Same as above but specially designed for hard floor surface such as tiles, wood flooring, slate etc.

  • Polywoven

    TA Distributors is one of Australia's largest suppliers of High Density Polyethylene woven floor protection. Our Polywoven and Polywide products have a 8 x 8 / sq. inch construction and are laminated on both sides to protect the weave from being frayed and ripped. Polywoven and Polywide plastic offer strong protection for carpets and other new surfaces, and is available in easy to handle rolls. Polywoven and Polywide are also ideal products to be used in situations where protection is required from water and dust.

      Roll Sizes
    1.83m x 100m
    4m x 50m

    Polywoven 1.8m x 100m White 80gsm
    Polywoven is a double laminate non rip, water resistant, woven reinforced polyethalene plastic. Polywoven is strong protection for interior or exterior protection.
    As Polywoven is interwoven it allows whatever it may be protecting to breathe. Eg freshly laid carpet over still curing concrete.

    MSDS [ available for polywoven, poly light and poly stick ]

  • Polywide

    Polywide 4m x 50m White 80gsm
    Same as Polywoven but for use in larger open areas.

  • Sticky Mat
  • An innovative 30 sheet multi layered adhesive mat designed to protect access points to your sites and carpeted areas.
    It has a stick back to adhere to floor and has Individually numbered layers for easy removal once sheet has been exhausted.
    Available in two sizes 36x36 and 36x45.

  • Window Film

    Window film 1m x 100m blue transparent 45 micron
    Our blue window fim is specifically designed to provide residue free surface protection in the most demanding applications.
    Ideal applications for glass protection from spills and sprays from using concrete, mortar and paint.
    Ideal for interior and exterior protection and reduces clean up time.

  • Barrier Mesh

    Barrier Mesh 1.0m x 50m orange 120gsm
    Manufactured from high density plastic, Highly visible Orange Barrier Mesh Fencing and is ideal for temporary site exclusion from any traffic.

  • Weed Mat

    TA Distributors Pty Ltd has a range of Weed Mat products available. We supply a domestic quality weed mat.. The product is constructed with High Density Polyethylene and is a 10 x 10 weave, 95 GSM.

    Our standard range is outlined below.

    WM 193
    WM 91
    Roll Size
    1.83m x 50m
    91.5cm X 50m


    Our economy Black weed mat ideally used under garden beds to reduce weeds it is not UV stabilized.
    Available in two sizes 0.9m x 50m and 1.8m x 50m.

  • Tapes & Other Products

    Duct tape 48mm x 30m 0.13ml
    Applications used for duct sealing- heating air conditioning, ventilating and refrigeration applications, sealing of seams, bonding, protecting, holding, repairing, patching and famously known as plumbers rope. available in Grey, black or White.


    Packaging Tape 48mm x 75m
    Ideally used for sealing boxes available in Clear or Brown


    Cloth Tape 48ml x 30m 75 mesh
    Our Cloth tape has a range of applications from book binding to repairs to an air box on a motorbike. Hand tear able for easy application.
    75 mesh is designed not to leave residue on most carpets when sealing together Polywoven


    Warning Ribbon 75ml x 100m red and White
    Used to visually identify NO ENTRY to construction sites, road works and use of some machines by tying door closed.


    Shrink Wrap 500mm x 300m x 23um
    Used for wrapping of stock or pallets prior to delivery to protect against damage and weather.